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Gigantic Greedy Profiteering Deadly "TV COMMERCIAL" LIES About High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Ethanol From Corn ( Biodeisel ) Is Killing Many Americans with
High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

Pervasive Pill Pushing Quacks versus
Iatrogenic Deaths Caused By Doctors

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    Access America for Seniors (Social Security Administration - SSA)

    Administration On Aging (DHHS AOA)

    Alzheimer's Association (Ronald Reagan’s Neurodegenerative Disease)

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (Select “Wellness”, etc.)

    American Cancer Society

    American Diabetes Association

    American Geriatrics Society - Health Information Links

    American Heart Association

    American Hemochromatosis Society – High Iron Disease

    American Iatrogenic Association – Studies deadly errors made by many doctors

    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – Diet and Disease Research

    American Prostate Society

    American Society For Nutritional Sciences

    Cato Institute - Public Policy Debate (Many topics including social security)

    Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (FDA)

    Center for Mental Health Services

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    Centers for Disease Control – Obesity Epidemic

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

    Food Composition and Nutrition Links (USDA)

    Health and Age – Live Well, Live Longer

    Healthy Lifestyles Act of 2004 – Mandated Corrections To the Flawed FDA Food Pyramid

    High Blood Pressure (National Institutes of Health - NIH)

    iVillage All About Health – Links to many health issues

    Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

    Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine

    Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

    Journal of Longevity

    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Attitudes, Social Cognition, Interpersonal Relationships and Group Dynamics)

    Journals of Gerontology

    Life Extension Foundation (LEF) – Controversial Antiaging Research

    Mayo Clinic Medical Information and

    Mindconnection Links on Aging

    National Cancer Institute – Antioxidants Prevent Cancer

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    National Institute on Aging (NIH NIA)

    National Stroke Association: Prevention

    Natural Food Information and Links

    New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

    North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NASSO Journal)

    Obesity Epidemic Linked To Increasing Environmental Toxins

    Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR Health) - Layman’s Descriptions of Prescription Drugs, Over-The-Counter Drugs, Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Food Supplements

    Psychosomatic Medicine

    Resource Directory for Older People (NIH NIA)

    Reuters Medical and Health News – Large Database

    Social Security Reform Alternatives: Cut benefits, Increase taxes or Invest better

    University of Maryland Medicine – Alternative / Complementary Medicine – Supplement Usage

    Weather Related Health - Allergies, Skin Protection, Air Quality, Aches, Cold and Flu

    WebMD (Cerner Multum) – Important Drug and Herb Information, Interactions, etc.

    WebMD Newsletter Subscriptions – Timely email updates on medical topics

    Your Genes and Your Health – Genetic Disorders

    The Rate Of Aging - Inherited Genetics Plus Important Lifestyle Choices

    The rate of aging varies significantly in individual humans for many different reasons. If we study a large sample of people who are middle aged or older, the impact of these differences become quite obvious, but the vast majority of people do not understand the complex underlying cause-and-effect relationships.


    In general, most human genetic adaptations in a large population take place very slowly over long periods of time. The human life form has changed very little over many thousands of years. In contrast, lifestyle changes that dramatically impact the rate of aging take place quickly in a single lifetime – significant benefits can be achieved in only a few weeks.


    For example, there has been a significant increase in American morbid obesity since World War II. For the last twenty years, American obesity has increased 200% to 300%, depending on age group. More than 60% of Americans are now overweight. 30% to 50% of Americans (over 100 million) are obese, depending on sex and ethnic group. As the “body mass index” increases, the risk of deadly diseases increase, while life expectancy decreases significantly. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control state that obesity is costing over $117 BILLION per year, and increasing each year.


    Many deadly weight-related, age-accelerating diseases like heart disease (heart attack and brain stroke), high blood pressure, type II diabetes, cancer and obstructive sleep apnea (respiration blockage during sleep) have increased dramatically, due to daily lifestyle choices of poor nutrition, fast foods, insufficient exercise, improper negative thought patterns and irrational decision-making cognitive processes.


    The expensive, rapid decline in the health of our sedentary society in recent years cannot possibly be due to inherited genetics, but they are often passed from parents to their innocent children through injurious unhealthy lifestyle training examples.


    Food intake has increased, while the level of healthy exercise has decreased. The average portion size of unhealthy french fries, sugar drinks and candy bars have increased 400% to 500% in the last thirty years. In only 20 years, the average weight of American women has jumped from 140 pounds to 164 pounds (largely due to low fat, low protein, high carbohydrate female diets).


    More Americans spend more time in front of computers, televisions and video games (eating large quantities of bad snacks), and less time standing, walking, playing sports, exercising and doing heavy labor. Parents are transferring their poor lifestyle choices to their children, with dramatic life threatening results. An alarming number of young children are getting adult-onset diabetes, etc.


    Overspecialization will Prevent an Integrated Solution

    Specialists must learn more-and-more about less-and-less, until they become totally useless when they know everything about nothing at all. (smile)

    Our non-learning world is now so chaotically complex and super-specialized that very few people can see The Big Picture, or think about Large-Scale Innovative Integrated Sustainable Solutions. Our ineffective self-proclaimed "leaders" are overwhelmed with far-too-many details. They almost-always lack elevated holistic perspective.

    Medical Doctors and Hospitals KILL 200,000 Americans each yearby avoidable Iatrogenic errors, and their malpractice mutilates, and misleads many millions more.

    Doctors often enter into business partnerships. When one commits malpractice, the partners often lie and cover up the error - to minimize their malpractice insurance premiums. It is the only way they can stay in business.

    Another problem created by overspecialization is the "Not My Job" syndrome. Your General Practitioner (GP) says: "You'll have to see a specialist about that." One specialist sends you to another - ad nauseum - Your problem is not correctly diagnosed or solved.

    If a fat man visits gynecologists, they'll probably diagnose him as pregnant. (chuckle) If the only tool you have is a saw, you'll keep cutting a board that is too short even shorter. Very rarely does a person with one internal organ problem not have complications that impact other organs. What is the original source cascading cause and effect? How do your organs and the specialists that treat them interact with each other (if at all)? Medical Doctors refuse to learn modern computer communication and information integration technology - Their schedule is already too full - Half a dozen unsafe pharmaceutical vendors all want to take them to play golf this week!

    Specialists often contradict each other. Eventually they say "You'll have to return to your GP to coordinate all of this." The GP sends you to yet another specialist: "Not MY Job" - Catch 22. Many people eventually die of drug interactions from different specialists, or failure to accurately diagnosis a complex problem and treat it correctly in time.

    Republicans want to deregulate expensive inept profiteering health care, and slash medical malpractice claims, which would increase doctor's profits and reduce their motivation to improve poor malpractice health care quality and integration of conflicting specialities. They do NOT want to hold inept and unscrupulous Medical Doctors accountable for repeated avoidable malpractice mistakes. Failure to prosecute criminals encourages their immoral behavior.

    Removing the punishment for medical malpractice is like the Bush $700 Billion taxpayer bailout of the big banks that created our 2008 economic crisis. Arrogant Wall Street bankers did many immoral / unethical things that blew a $15 Trillion hole in America's economic system, putting millions out of work. Bush bailed them out, so they could pay themselves billions of dollars in undeserved bonuses. INSANE Corrupt Politics-As-Usual.

    Medical Doctor and corrupt Senator Rand Paul (R) thinks that Medical Doctors should receive increased compensation, but that union workers should take at least a 10% salary cut. Did you vote for him?

    Medical Doctors are so used to high-profit, over-specialized, isolated malpractice-as-usual that they STILL do not use 1980's Personal Computer Spreadsheet Technology to study cause-and-effect of medications from multiple doctors. In MANY cases medical symptoms are PREDICTABLE side effects, complex interactions, and left-over metabolites from TOO MANY PRESCRIPTION and OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS (and bad lifestyle choices).

    It has been said many times that "We are what we eat." Nutrition is one of the most significant of all human health issues, BUT, medical doctors have almost NO formal training in nutrition. For example, hydrogenated trans-fat margarine (a laboratory-produced unnatural chemical) causes far more heart-disease artery plaque build up than butter (which is a natural food), but for decades Medical Doctors ignored documented nutrition science. When they put heart-attack patients in the hospital, they fed them deadly margarine, and arrogantly taught their unskeptical dying patients to imitate this insane stupidity. My (the research scientist) father refused to eat margarine. He knew how trans-fats are made, and how they clog human arteries causing brain strokes and heat attacks. Dad knew more about nutrition than any of his medical doctors did, (as do I).

    "We caution homebuyers AGAINST the use of popular "ionic" air fresheners

    They are designed to introduce harmful ionic "free radicals" like unhealthy ozone, etc. into the air that their users breathe. Intelligent humans intentionally consume "antioxidants" (fruits, vegetables, and food supplements) to neutralize free radicals from our polluted environment, extend our lives, and slow the oxidative aging process. SO, Why buy a device designed to generate free radical ions?

    Using a device that increases powerful free radical ionic oxidizers has been shown to be a really dumb idea, despite what the late night cable television advertisements say. Ionic air fresheners do remove certain types of allergenic particles from the air, BUT they are unsafe due to their long-term "burning" of the lung's alveoli (air exchange sacks).

    Ionic air fresheners should be legally banned from use by non-professionals. Ionic air fresheners should ONLY be used when no one is in the home, and then immediately turned off when any air-breathing occupant arrives. The worst possible use of such an unhealthy device would be to sleep near an ionic air freshener. Your allergies may be reduced, but so will your life expectancy.


    How Joyful Aging Can Help

    If one physician offers you no hope of a cure or a satisfactory, effective, affordable, low-risk treatment, then we suggest that you seek additional information and second opinion(s) from multiple types of qualified specialists and information sources.

    Licensed board-certified physicians are wonderful sources of some (but not all) specialized information, assistance and timely treatment, but all medical professionals are fallible humans. What works for the majority of people may not work well for you for a wide variety of reasons.

    All healthcare professionals occasionally make a few mistakes and errors in judgment. Many licensed physicians make mistakes that result in the death of their patients. There is a medical minefield that each of us must be careful to understand and avoid.

      No single human can possibly know everything about everything. Ultimately, intelligent individual adults are responsible for integrating information from multiple sources, which will impact their own lifestyle choices and their assumption of known risks, and thus, greatly influence longevity, overall well being, and the burden they place on their loved ones (and on taxpayers who subsidize the treatment of avoidable diseases, like the $39 billion that American taxpayers spend each year for obesity treatments through Medicare and Medicaid programs, which cover sicknesses caused by obesity such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, several types of cancer, and gallbladder disease).

      Before seeing any physician, gather what information you can, prepare a list of your symptoms, concerns and specific questions. Do NOT be surprised if you discover widely varying and conflicting opinions from different highly qualified specialists (who may even be “board-certified” in the same subject matter). There is no effective single education program available in the U.S. for thorough knowledge about pharmaceutical medicine, nutriceuticals, natural organic nutrition, food storage, cleaning and preparation, pollutants, toxins, exercise, mind/body conditioning and lifestyle changes that can greatly reduce the risk of a variety of avoidable diseases. In fact, professionals who only understand a small portion of the important above topics often discount or actively discredit those who actually know much more than they do about other important topics. The human intellect has finite limited capacity. Throughout history, those in positions of (undeserved) authority (political, governmental, religious, medical and scientific) frequently fear and prosecute those with valuable knowledge that they do not understand.

      Do NOT fear or discredit the unknown. When a topic of personal interest to you is highly individualized and very controversial (such as diet and nutrition), physicians, government agencies, healthcare organizations and insurance companies often disagree about what actions you should take (as often happens in any complex scientific subject matter). Joyful Aging recommends that you do not ignore divergent opinions, but rather do what you can to understand the reasons for them, and then, develop your own well-informed decision model and plan of action, which may significantly influence your future health and happiness (and that of your offspring and others that you feed, teach, or care for).

      New (often conflicting) discoveries, information, recommendations, diagnosis techniques and treatments WILL surely become available in the future. We must all remain open minded and flexible. We strongly suggest that everyone pursue:

    Retirement Planning Information

    Plan Your Life, Live Your Plan

    Baby boomers are about to retire; Social Security and Medicare are insolvent;
    Medical costs are spiraling upwards while benefits must go down;
    The Economy is in recession; Many jobs have already been lost;
         Pension plans are going bankrupt – What will YOU do?

    & Do NOT count on the government to take care of you:

    Social Security MUST Cut Benefits, Increase Taxes and/or Improve Investments
    - Benefit cuts will hurt many. Tax increases will hurt the economy, High ROI is risky.

    Medicare MUST Be Reinvented related link: Government Provided Medicare Information

    Escape from Affluenza related link: Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic

    Planning is CRITICAL - Retire Early: Comfortable, Financially Secure and Happy

    Some Additional Sites and Information:

    Avoid The Infomercial Get-Rich-Quick Scams – Develop Critical Thinking Skills

    U.S. FirstGov Retirement Planner (SSA)

    AARP Pharmacy Assistance Program List

    When people retire, basic monthly expenses often become a larger percentage of their budget, Utility bills are currently escalating at 7% to 8% per year, with reasons that may soon cause them to rise even more rapidly. It is now very cost effective to build homes that have NO ENERGY BILLS – They do not even have to be connected to power companies. In some cases, they can cost less per square foot than conventional homes – starting at only $60 per square foot. Federal and state agencies are currently offering $10,000’s of incentives per home to encourage their construction:

    Things You Need to Know About Us

    The information, references and links on the Joyful Aging website are for our readers’ education and personal enrichment only. Nothing on the entire Joyful Aging website is intended to replace the care of a licensed physician or other health care professional.


    Before making any change to your current medications, or significant alteration of your nutrition, exercise or other lifestyle issues, you should first consult a qualified health care professional and have appropriate tests interpreted by at least one certified professional.


    None of the information contained on any Joyful Aging web page is presented or intended for self-diagnosis, self-medication or self-treatment of any individual or specific disease, although we do present recent research findings about possible risk factors for future health and well being problems.


    Each individual is unique. We are as different as our fingerprints. General information does NOT necessarily apply to everyone. What is good for one individual may be very bad for another (such as iron supplements, vitamin C, lipid-based vitamins like A, D, E, dietary intake of different type of fats, carbohydrates, etc).


    If you already have medical, physical or psychological symptoms, or if you are concerned about a family history of a specific disease, see a licensed physician or qualified specialist and thoroughly discuss what you know or suspect about your problems, discomfort and concerns. Make a comprehensive list of your questions, to accelerate and add value to your discussions. Read what is available from reputable information sources about the topic. For complex, controversial, issues that are particularly important to you, proactively seek multiple expert information sources. Understand that the issues related to individual health issues may be very complex, and that no single person has memorized all of the helpful information and divergent opinions on any complex medical topic.


    Ultimately, YOU are responsible for proactively gathering the best available information about your own health, happiness and prosperity from multiple sources with various (often conflicting) points of view. Only then can you make an informed decision about your treatment options and critical lifestyle modification decisions.

    May you become wealthy in the things that you value the most.

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