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Many Controversial Aging Problems Faced By Intelligent People


After age 40, most of us look back at the decades of decisions we’ve made, and we begin to think even more seriously about our future. We observe that people seem to age at very different rates. Some are happy, but many are not. We notice our peers who seem to be doing better and worse than we are, and we wonder why.


Some of our friends have wonderful business and personal relationships. Some have good retirement plans. Some are happy, healthy, fit, motivated, and full of positive energy and vitality. Some people have made a lasting contribution to society. Some are thankful for the life they are living, while we also know many sad people who complain constantly. Some happy people are just plain fun to be around. Countless others are not.



How Joyful Aging Information Can Help

This is a growing collection of aging-and-lifestyle-choice information sources, which may help you make better decisions, which will improve your future success and happiness. We now know that lifestyle changes and behavior modifications CAN add greater joy, happiness, and high quality years to our productive lives. With this material, we offer solid reasons for making many such (difficult) changes, based on our research into many pleasant lifestyle alternatives.


Much of this material is targeted at a general audience of men and women over 40 (and anyone who merely hopes to live long and be happy). You may be interested in this information for yourself, or to share "lessons learned" with your parents, children and other loved ones that you care for, or just want to help.


Part of Joyful Aging material is intended for above-average thinkers, who seek intelligent modern research summaries about antiaging nutrition, fitness, intellectual enhancement, finances, and support for wise, joy-enhancing, lifestyle behavior modifications. Antiaging Mental Aerobics recommends that you challenge and continually expand your cognitive capacity with lifelong learning, to improve your problem-solving capacity, and thus slow the onset or avoid various forms of common senile dementia.


Joyful Aging subject matter is both broad and deep. No single source provides all of the answers. Sometimes an unconventional point of view that you have never heard before, will greatly enhance your understanding of a complex topic. We have invested decades of diverse research, consolidated related materials, and applied these integrated principles in our own lives. We hope you will become interested in our belief in:

Lifelong learning in an ever expanding universe of endless possibilities


Life should not focus only on our ultimate destination. Life is the great adventure we experience along the way. Life is all about asking many simple and profound questions, and persistently searching for interesting answers. Those who stop searching for life-improving truths from many sources have begun to die through intellectual atrophication.


Humans have a powerful mental capacity to continually learn new lessons, summarize and organize what they have learned, and integrate the essence of these lessons into their lifestyle decision-making mental models. Our perception, mental images and creative imagination control who we are, and what we will soon become.


We are what we imagine.


Everything we will become begins with our imagination.


With our images, we create the world.


Joyful Aging offers the result of lifetimes of valuable research, consolidated and categorized to help our readers digest it, and thus to avoid expensive, tragic, long-term trial-and-error mistakes. Those who study the research of others do not have to rediscover or reinvent it themselves. By shortening the time to digest these lifestyle lessons, Joyful Aging information can even help its readers outperform the authors. We will all be pleased if you do.



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We have accomplished many of our own challenging lifetime goals.


Our current goal is to help intelligent people (like those who have read this far) to achieve their own challenging goals and thus discover The Meaning Of Life.


We hope we can assist you in becoming wealthy in the things that you value the most.


If you share similar interests, please contact us.

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Nothing on this entire website is intended to diagnose or treat any individual’s specific medical problems. If you have any medical problems, write down your detailed symptoms, questions, concerns and related medical history, and then see a licensed physician who understands your problems and has time to get to know your unique characteristics.


General information offered freely on this website is an attempt to help you ask better questions of the health care professionals who help you. Our research materials and the comments that we discuss about particular foods, drugs, supplements, exercises (mental and physical) consist of broad overviews that cannot possibly include every subtle detail known to mankind.


None of this material applies to everyone equally. Much of it (like low fat versus low carbohydrates) is extremely controversial with strong and valid professional opinions on both sides (that can NOT both be true for everyone). Much of such information will change next year, as new research is done.


If licensed physicians offer you no hope of a treatment for your specific problems, you should very carefully consider fervent prayer and alternative approaches, but proceed with great caution and skepticism, since alternative medicine often involves unregulated areas with many extremely-complex unknowns.


Sometimes, regulation inhibits innovation and exploration. Everything that is common, regulated, “good practice” today, was at some time unknown, unregulated, and viewed by many as the wrong thing to do.


(See also Medical Minefield – Avoiding Common Errors)


Joke of the day: There are NO true universal statements.


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